Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kelly's May Update

Happy Mothers Day from Kelly!
May holds a number of special holidays.  Haitian Flag Day is on the 18th of May.  This year that day fell on a Friday.  The children at the Toddler House enjoyed a parade and singing through their neighborhood on Flag Day.  Haiti is a truly beautiful country and if you have had the opportunity to come visit GLA you will know that the view from the balconies of all of our homes is truly breathtaking.  In order to honor that beauty we have been blessed with, I wanted to highlight the incredible landscape we see each day by taking pictures of the kids with this view as the backdrop.  The lighting posed some problems with the sun coming in and out but I think this months photos capture a small glimpse into the beauty that Haiti holds.
May also holds a special holiday we call Mother’s Day, which is celebrated the last Sunday in May here in Haiti, the same as it is in France.   It is an honor to recognize the mothers that are waiting for their children to come home.  It is certainly a special calling to be a mother of an adopted child and whether this is your first adoption or you have adopted several children, we at GLA want you to know that you are appreciated and loved by us and by the child who is waiting to be at home with you.  I am sure with the passing of Mother’s Day this month you have thought about the child this update discusses.  This month I did my best to write the update from the child’s perspective to give the update a different sort of spin.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Mom and Dad!
I want you to know I have had a very good month! My walking is getting so much stronger.  I walk wherever I want to go.  It makes me smile when I am told how good I am getting in my walking.   I love to visit with everyone who is in the room.  I will walk back and forth and see what everyone is up to.  I love to cuddle, rock, and read books.  I especially love to ride around in the plastic car that is on the balcony.   One of my very favorite things to do on warm, sunny afternoons is play in the pool.  I will splash and play with all of the toys for as long as I am allowed to stay in the water.    
This month has been a really fun one for me.  I have spent time in the pool on the sunny mornings and spent some afternoon in a rocking chair with my volunteer.  I am going to keep working hard on my walking!  I might even be able to start walking up the stairs to the balcony on my own.
I am so excited to meet you but I hope you know that I am doing well and growing fast here at GLA.  I get lots of love from my nanny and lots of attention from all the volunteers and visitors who come here. 
I love you.
Your little boy,
Kelly is healthy and growing:
Height: 78.5 cm
Weight: 23 lb 1.5 oz
Happy Mother’s Day!

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